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by Russ Adams

We have completely redesigned BarCode 1! We have improved navigation by having a common navigation bar at the top of every page.

I now have more time to update and revise this site. In addition to running this site, I worked as a Primary Examiner and Supervisor at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for 34 years. I retired at the end of May 2004.

For UCC membership, there has always been an initial fee that is based on company revenue. I have received many complaints from small businesses that this fee is too high. Now the UCC is charging an annual fee to continue to use the UPC company number. However, if you became a member before August 28, 2002, you do not have to pay the annual fee. You should read the class action settlement.

I have tried to interest members of Congress to look into why the UCC is not violating the Antitrust Laws. I have been unsuccessful. However, with enough of us raising the question, maybe we can make a change. Write your Senator and Representative ! There is nothing in the United States Code that exempts the UCC from the Antitrust Laws. There is no more need for the UCC to have exclusivity in handing out numbers than there was for a single organization to hand out domain names on the Internet. You can find out the address and e-mail address of your Senator and Representative here.

You are always welcome to ask me a question by e-mail, but please remember that there is an extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) page here at BarCode 1. Please carefully read the FAQ before sending me an email. At least 8 out of 10 question I receive already have answers on the website. Also, the Subject line of your email has to be "Barcode Question" or my spam filter will delete it before I see it.

BarCode 1 is now a registered trademark of Adams Communications. Any use of the name or any URL similar to the name is prohibited. get to this site, the URLs are, or or Don't forget the "-"(dash) in or!

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Please don't copy BarCode 1 files and place them on your site. Also, don't put links to this site in a way that looks like the information is yours. Put the link with words like "more information at the BarCode 1 site". If you want to use information from BarCode 1 for educational courses, lectures or other purposes, contact me. I will try to accommodate your request.

BarCode 1 is a registered trademark of Adams Communications.
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