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This is the most complete list of bar code related web sites anywhere on the net. You can search for a site by keyword or company. You can look for all the sites by topic or you can browse the entire list.

If you find a bad link or would like to add a link, please contact the Webmaster. If you contact any of these companies make sure you tell them you found them through BarCode1. It will help us get sponsors and expand this site!

You can search by product catagory, company name, or keyword. Please note that ANDing or ORing is not supported. Also, you can't do more than one type of search at a time. For example, you CANNOT search for text in the description and a category.

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Types Of Sites:

Bar Code Information Resources (sites like BarCode 1) And Trade Association Sites
Publications About Bar Code (magazine and book publishers)
Catalog Store Or Used Equipment Vendor
Dealer or Distributor

Types Of Products:

Barcode Scanners
Fixed Station Industrial Bar Code Scanners
Fixed Station POS/Retail Bar Code Scanners (in-counter type)
Fixed Station Slot Bar Code Scanners (for cards and badges)
Fixed Station Presentation Bar Code Scanners
Handheld Bar Code Scanners
Handheld Bar Code Scanners - Laser
Handheld Bar Code Scanners - CCD
Handheld Bar Code Scanners - Contact Wands
2-Dimensional Bar Code Scanners
Automatic Sheet Fed Form or Tag Scanners

Keyboard Wedges
Hardware Keyboard Wedges
Software Keyboard Wedges (Through Serial/Parallel Ports)

Portable Terminals
Portable Data Terminals
Portable Data Terminals With Integrated Scanner

RFID and Button Readers
RF/ID Tags/Readers
RF/DC (RF Data Collection) Terminals/Products
Touch Buttons and Direct Contact Reader
ID Cards/Readers/Encoders

Preprinted and Special Labels
Preprinted Bar Code Labels
Metal Tags With Bar Codes
Woven/Fabric Bar Code Labels
High Temperature/Harsh Environment Labels
Direct Bar Code Etching Equipment

Barcode Generating Software By Type
Bar Code Generating Software - Stand Alone Label Software
Bar Code Generating Software - Developer Tools
Bar Code Generating Software - Bar Code Font
Bar Code Generating Software - Film Master

Barcode Generating Software By Operating System
Bar Code Software - AS/400
Bar Code Software - Macintosh
Bar Code Software - UNIX
Bar Code Software - DOS

Software By Application Type
Application Software - General
Application Software - Access Control/Security Control
Application Software - Asset Management/Tool Crib Control/Rental Tracking
Application Software - Document Tracking
Application Software - Factory Floor Management
Application Software - Inventory Control/Warehouse Management
Application Software - Labor Tracking/Time & Attendance
Application Software - Maintence Management
Application Software - Order Entry/Processing
Application Software - Package Tracking/Delivery
Application Software - Point-Of-Sale
Application Software - Quality Control
Application Software - Shipping & Receiving
Application Software - Package Tracking/Delivery

Barcode Printers
Printers - Thermal Transfer
Printers - Direct Thermal
Printers - Laser
Printers - Ink Jet
Printers - Color
Printers - Dot Matrix
Printers - ID Card
Printers - 2-D Bar Code
Printers - With Label Applicator
Label Stock and Printer Supplies

Other Barcode Equipment
Label Applicator
Bar Code Verifiers

Other Non-Barcode Auto ID Equipment
OCR Software And Hardware
OCR Software That Can Read Bar Code
OMR Software And Hardware
Voice Recognition
PCMCIA/PC Card Interfaces
Smart Card Equipment
Magnetic Stripe Equipment

Barcode Educational Resources
Educational - Books, Video Tapes, Etc. About Bar Code And Auto ID
Educational - Seminars, Tradeshows, University Courses

Types Of Applications:

Asset Management
Access Control
Compliance Labeling (Including UPC/EAN Labeling Of Products)
Document Tracking
Factory Floor Data Collection
Inspection, Maintenance Or QC
Inventory and Warehouse Control
Item Tracking (Equipment Tracking, Tool Crib Tracking)
Labor Reporting, Scheduling, Or Time And Attendance
Order Entry
Package Tracking
Production Control And Work-In-Progress
Property Identification
Shipping And Receiving

Types Of Industries:

Apparel Industry Applications
Automotive Industry Applications
Chemical Industry Applications
Construction Industry Applications
Government Applications
Library Science Applications
Manufacturing Applications
Medical Applications
Packaging Industry Applications
Pharmaceutical Applications
Publishing Industry Applications
Retail/Wholesale Applications

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