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Free, Shareware & Demo Barcode Software

The barcode software here free, shareware and demonstration versions of programs that can print and read barcode. BarCode1 is not connected with any of the companies who have written these programs. They are provided as a service to visitors interested in barcode, and we make no representation as to their serviceability.

If you find that a barcode software link is no longer valid, please send an email to BarCode-1. We are always looking for good free and shareware barcode software to include on our software pages. If you are an author of such software we would like to hear from you. If you know of such software, send us an email.

Bar Code Fonts
Bar code font files are added to your computer just like any type font. You can then use them like any other font in your word processor, spreadsheet, or database report. Here you will find links to font files for Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh operating systems. The Bar Code Fonts Page is arranged by the type of bar code.

Bar Code Label Programs
Here you will find stand-alone bar code programs designed to print bar code labels.

Bar Code Reading Programs
Here you will find bar code programs designed to take images from scanners and decode the bar codes. You will also find links to software "wedge" programs that allow the serial port of a computer to take in data as if it had been typed on a keyboard.

Bar Code Plug-ins, VBX, OCX, etc.
These programs are designed for developers wanting to add barcode features to their applications. Here you will find VBX and OCX controls, DLLs, MS Access and Clipper tools.

Bar Code Printer Drivers
Here you will find sources for printer drivers for various bar code printers for Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.

Bar Code UNIX & Linux Programs
Here is a collection of UNIX & Linux software that will print bar code.

Bar Code Apple Macintosh Programs
Here is a collection of barcode software for the Macintosh.

Bar Code DOS Programs
Here is a collection of bar code software that runs under DOS.

OCR Programs
Here is a collection of OCR software and information resources that can optically read text into a computer.

Bar Code Web Page Applications
Here you will find software to add bar codes to your web pages through perl, java, asp, .Net and php.

Bar Code Applications Software
Here you will find software to do various tasks, like inventory control, that have built-in bar code features.

Everything Else Related To Bar Code Software.
Here you will find software programs and links to calculate barcode check digits, online stores that sell barcode software, and information about US Postal Services Postnet barcode.

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