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Software For Reading Barcode

Here are a list of barcode reading programs designed to take barcode images and decode bar code.

If your company has a shareware or demo version of a barcode reading program and would like to be listed on this page, send an email to BarCode-1. Please include a brief description of the product and a link.

Bar Code Decoding Software

  • Joseph Chiu's Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcode Decoder. You attach a barcode wand to the joystick port and run the software on a 486 or better. It was a project that Joseph did in his senior year at Caltech. You can e-mail Joseph directly in case you cannot get into the server.

  • VisionShape sells an IBX (VBX, DLL and UNIX available too) that allows added bar code and OMR recognition using flat-bed image scanners. 

  • Barcode Xpress is an ActiveX control that offers reading of barcodes and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) analysis. Designed for developers. There are full-featured demos at the site.

  • Softek Software provide toolkits to read barcodes from images and memory bitmaps. The standard version includes support for both linear and PDF-417 barcodes, with a variety of interfaces including Java and .Net. One feature of the software allows a multi-page TIF document to be split by barcode position. The Windows download is a full evaluation and includes many sample projects. Versions are also available for Linux, Solaris and OSX.

  • libdmtx is a shared library for Linux that can be used to read (scan & decode) and write (encode & print) 2D Data Matrix barcode symbols. It is released under the LGPL and can be used and distributed freely under these terms. (Sourceforge link.)

  • Data Matrix Reader For Symbian OS cell phones at sourceforge.

  • ZXing is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java. It is designed decode barcodes captured by camera cell phones. Currently it supports UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 128 and QR Code. From Google.

  • The BarcodeR shareware is a multi-purpose virtual barcode scanner for Windows. The embedded support for major 1D symbologies, such as Code 128, EAN 8 and EAN 13, Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5 or UPCA, UPCE and IDENTCODE are integrated in a handy screenshot manager software. It reads one-dimensional barcodes directly from applications, such as image viewers, PDF, and document composition software. The recognized barcode will be copied to a clipboard, or BarcodeR can simulate keystrokes like a wedge barcode reader.


Software Wedges

Software wedges allow input from a serial port to act like the input was being typed. There is a very good tutorial about wedges here.

  • SimKey is A serial wedge program that allows you to input serial data directly into OS/2, DOS, or Windows application without any programming. Ideal for interfacing with Bar Code readers, Portable Terminals, Magnetic Card readers, Electronic Scales, and Laboratory instruments. Provides predefined filters: Convert to Lower-case, Convert to Upper-case, Numeric Only, Alpha-Numeric Only. Windows and OS/2 programs allow you to log received data to a file in the background. DOS program supports up to 10 User-Defined COM ports in addition to support for COM1 - COM4. Includes separate programs for OS/2, DOS, and Windows in one package. More information about this product is available at the ID Innovations Incorporated. web page.

  • Keyport is a software wedge that converts the data from any RS-232 device (such as a bar code scanner or scale) into keystrokes on your PC. Keyport can automatically detect the application running and process different "transactions" for each one. Keyport can also prompt the user with audio prompts and error messages. Keyport can be downloaded, tested, and purchased on-line. Keyport has been installed in 1000's of sites worldwide. More information about this product is available at the Data Technologies, Inc. web page

  • Tconnector by tec-it makes data acquisition easy! Insert TConnector into your application or into VB, VC++, Excel, Access, Word, Delphi... and you are able to connect to a barcode reader (or any device) within minutes. Supported modes: synchronous (read/write), event-triggered communication (OnData event) and keystroke simulation of incoming data (wedge mode). The built-in TCP/IP support simplifies intranet-based applications considerably. The unified API supports serial port (COM), parallel port (LPT), Intranet (TCP/IP), NULL device and File-IO with only 5 function calls!

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