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The BarCode-1 Questionnaire

By filling out this questionnaire you will help BarCode 1 bring you even more neat stuff about bar code and automatic identification. You can see the results of data collected from this survey by jumping to the BarCode 1 Market Research page.

Country (Leave Blank If USA):

1. Why are you interested in bar code and automatic identification?

We use or plan to use the technology within my organization.
Consultant specifying bar code or auto ID products/services.
Reseller of bar code or auto ID products/services
Manufacturer of bar code or auto ID products/services
Just curious about the technology.

2. What best describes your primary job function?

MIS/Data Processing.
Software Development.
Transportation, Shipping, Receiving or Traffic.
Plant or Operations.
Human Resources/Labor Relations.
Bar Code or Auto ID Consulting.
Consulting (other than bar code or auto ID)
Sales (make sales calls)

3. What best describes your job or professional title?

Line Manager.
Engineer, Scientist, or Technical Staff.
Vice President.
President, CEO, Owner, Sole Proprietor.
Staff or Employee.
Professor, Teacher, Instructor.
Medical Doctor, Health Professional.
Lawyer, Legal Profession.

4. I authorize, buy, specify, or approve bar code or automatic identification equipment as part of my job.

Yes No

5. My company plans to purchase within the next year the following bar code/auto ID products.(check all that apply)
Resellers should check the product types they buy and resell. Consultants should check the product types they specify. Manufacturers should check the product types they make and sell.

Fixed Bar Code Scanners
Handheld Bar Code Scanners
Portable Data Terminals
Portable Data Terminals with integrated Scanner
RF/DC (RF Data Collection) Terminals/Products
RF/ID Tags/Readers
ID Cards/Readers/Encoders
Preprinted bar code Labels
Metal Tags with bar codes
Direct bar code etching equipment
Label Stock and Printer Supplies
Label Generating Software
Application Software (Inventory, POS, etc.)
Thermal Transfer Printers for bar code printing
Direct Thermal Printers for bar code printing
Laser Printers for bar code printing
Ink Jet Printers for bar code printing
Color Printers for bar code printing
Bar Code Verifiers
2-Dimensional bar code scanners/equipment
OCR page reading software/equipment
Educational material/books about bar code and auto ID

6. My company has or is planning the following auto ID applications. (check all that apply)
Manufacturers, resellers and consultants should check the applications they specialize in.

Asset Management
Access Control
Document Tracking
Factory Floor Data Collection
Inspection, Maintenance or QC
Inventory and Warehouse Control
Item Tracking (equipment tracking, tool crib tracking)
Labor Reporting, Scheduling, Time and Attendance
Order Entry
Package Tracking
Production and Work-In-Progress Control
Property Identification
Shipping and Receiving
Property Identification
Medical Applications
Compliance Labeling (including UPC/EAN labeling of products)

7. We are or will be using portable data collection equipment:

At our company location.
Away from our company location, in the field.
We don't use portable data collection equipment.

That's it! Just press the submit button and your answers will be registered.

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