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OCR Software And Information

Here is a collection of OCR software that can optically read text into a computer and links to information about OCR.

If your company has a shareware or demo version of an OCR program and would like to be listed on this page, send an email to BarCode-1. Please include a brief description of the product and a link.

OCR Software

  • WOCAR is an Optical Character Recognition Application (OCR). It converts scanned documents to text documents. The software can process documents written in English or in French. WOCAR can work with any scanner that supports the TWAIN interface. It can also process any bilevel TIFF image file. This application works on Windows 95 and Windows NT. And best of's free! A dll of the OCR engine is also available at the site. The author of this program no longer reachable.

  • SimpleOCR is a free OCR program.

  • A large collection of OCR software under the GNU license can be found at There are many free OCR programs that will read a wide variety of languages. along with the source code.

OCR Information

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