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This page lists all the barcode information available here.

Bar Code FAQ

Bar Code Specifications

There are more than 300 different types of barcodes, all with their own specifications. You will find detailed specifications of many popular bar code symbologies and where you can order the official specifications here at BarCode-1.

Bar Code Information

Bar Code Market Information

Bar Code Books & Bar Code Magazines

Bar Code Educational Resources

The Adams Top Ten New Bar Code Products

For many years year, I went to the two leading trade shows about barcode technology and picks ten new products that I considers outstanding. The picks were subjective and based on my experience in the industry since 1983. In 2001 I stopped going to the show. I'm leaving the links to the pages to provide a historical perspective. Both ID Expo and Scan-Tech disappeared and were replaced by Frontline Conference and Expo, which has also disappeared.

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