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Bar Code Programs for DOS

Does anyone still use DOS? :-) Here is a list of a few packages that I've found.

Bar Code Programs That Run Under DOS

  • BARCODE-BLOBS lets you effortlessly produce industry specification bar codes. The bar codes are in high-quality PCX format, and can be used in your word processing, desktop publishing, paint/graphic and data management applications. BARCODE-BLOBS' simple menu-driven operation produces bar codes that meet the standards of the Uniform Codes Council (UCC), U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The program includes on-line help and mouse support.

  • Bar Tender for DOS, is a full featured WYSIWYG label program from Seagull Scientific.

  • ThunderBar is a small, easy-to-use TSR program requiring approximately 3K of RAM that quickly prints CODE 39 bar codes at any location in your documents that you designate. You determine the character that triggers printing the code and insert it and the numerals to use in the appropriate location in your label program, word processor, or database. When the item is printed, the bar code appears. You control the bar code width and height. ThunderBar supports both dot-matrix and laser printers. DOS 3.x

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