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Applications That Include Barcode Features

Any software package can be used with barcode data entry. By connecting a "wedge" barcode reader between the computer keyboard and the computer, a scanned barcode will go into the computer as if it were typed on the keyboard. The problem with this approach is you must assure that the cursor is in the proper field before you scan the barcode.

The following programs are application software that have bar code features built into them. That usually means that the program knows when to expect data from a scanned barcode and when to expect keyboard input. The software often validates that the correct data is going into the correct field of the data entry screen.

If your company has a shareware or demo version of barcode application programs and would like to be listed on this page, send an email to BarCode-1. Please include a brief description of the product and a link.

Inventory Software

  • STOCKManager is a fully featured Windows based stock control system capable of holding over 1.2 million stock items, Stock 2000 is able to link to Casio TK series cash registers, computer point of sale systems (using our TouchPOS product), and debtor/creditor systems. Stock 2000 is designed to run on Windows NT or Client Server networks and offers real time access to sales figures and stock levels, live on line auditing, loyalty features, full cost and sales analysis reporting; on line real time audit of POS transactions for complete security; and can be used with bar code scanners. From Astute Software Limited.

  • Track'Em allows a user to track both inventory and assets with a single application. It consists of a Microsoft Access database, a rugged portable barcode scanner and 500 pre-printed asset labels - all for only $995. From RVB Systems Group.

Order Entry Software -POS Software

  • Plexis POS can be configured for full touch screen mode and standard Order Entry screens. Integrated Bar Code Printing is standard. This is a fully functioning demo. From Plexis Software Systems

Tool Crib Check-Out Software

Fixed Asset Tracking Software

  • WiseTrack is the time-saving fixed asset tracking software that answers day-to-day tracking requests in record time. Microsoft Window '95® and Windows NT®. From TVL Inc.

  • Asset Tracker! is a robust, client-server based data repository for maintaining fixed asset information as well as software licenses. From Lockwood Technology. No demo software.

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