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BarCode-1 Add Rates

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or reseller of bar code or automatic identification products or services BarCode 1 is your best Internet barcode advertising value. While other sites charge more than $1000/mo., you can be a Barcode 1 advertiser for as little as $100 a year! More than 1200 different people a day access BarCode 1 and more than 7800 pages a day are viewed. The visitors to BarCode 1 are not casual visitors either. More than 60 % are end users ready to buy. Just check out our BarCode 1 Market Research Page. Our click through rate averages 2.3%.

You also get preferred placement for your company when someone uses the BarCode 1 Web Source Finder.

Here are the advertising options:

All banners must be no larger than 250 pixels by 60 pixels. For a set up charge of $150, we can provide a basic animated banner with changing text. Just e-mail the text you would like to appear on the basic banner or send a GIF file of your banner to BarCode 1. We will e-mail an invoice when the link is established. Payment by check must be received within 10 days. If payment is not received, the banner may be terminated without notice.

If you need additional information about advertising, e-mail Russ Adams. Adams Communications reserves the right to refuse any ad, and terminate the ad without notice for failure to timely pay.

BarCode 1 is a registered trademark of Adams Communications.
Send comments and questions by e-mail to Russ Adams